Shokei 2002 - 2015

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2015: Farewell 7" Sexual Healing b/w Shamans of Shame (Grec Complet Records)

A1: Sexual Healing
B1: Shamans of Shame

2009: Split 7" with The Falcon Five (Altin Village)

A1: Reclining Seats, Receding Hairlines

2008: Split 12" with The Falcon Five, Kids Explode and Petethepiratesquid (Altin Village)

A1: Kill the Lightning
A2: Ride 'em all

2008: 12" EP Painkiller (Altin Village Records and Narshardaa Records)

A1: Art School Dodger
A2: Shy People
A3: White Eagle
A4: Night Swim
A5: Glory Days

B1: Hot Topic
B2: Hot Topic (Care Bear Stare Version by Eve Massacre)
B3: Hot Topic (Route 96 Version by Petethepiratesquid)
B4: Hot Topic (Super Rave Version by Gtuk)
B5: Hot Topic (Audi vom Horst Version by Bullensack)

2006: Split 12" with Kids Explode (Narshardaa Records)

B1: Heels and Cleats
B2: Qualifying
B3: Pony Express
B4: Fishtank
B5: Gauze, Bandages
B6: The Scenic Route

2004: Split 5" with Petethepiratesquid (Grec Complet Records and Warsaw)

A1: Hot Topic
A2: Where fear and waffles meet

2002: 7" EP '02 Jailbreak (Grec Complet Records)

A1: Koro
A2: Messen-Steuern-Regeln
A3: Bukkake

B1: Hauptfeuerwehrmann
B1: Baumarkt



200 11.04. Würzburg, Cairo
199 07.02. Berlin, Schokoladen
198 06.02. Dresden, Chemiefabrik
197 24.01. Leipzig, Lala Studios
196 17.01. Hamburg, Westwerk
195 16.01. Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa


194 29.11. Freiburg, Slow Club
193 28.11. Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
192 08.11. München, Milla
191 07.11. Nürnberg, K4


190 11.02. München, Kafe Kult
189 10.02. Nürnberg, K4


188 26.11. Leipzig, Frühauf
187 02.10. Chemnitz, AJZ
186 01.10. Berlin, Schokoladen
185 30.09. Frankfurt, IVI
184 24.09. Schweinfurt, Theorema
183 17.09. Würzburg, H2O


182 20.06. Würzburg, Mainwiesen
181 23.05. Karlsruhe, Substage
180 22.05. Leipzig, Conne Island
179 15.05. München, Glockenbachwerkstatt
178 20.02. Nürnberg, K4


177 29.12. Wien, Arena
176 28.12. Olbernhau, Juzo
175 27.12. Chemnitz, Oberstübchen
174 26.12. Speyer, Klub Mladost
173 25.10. Göttingen, Theaterkeller
172 24.10. Hamburg, Westwerk
171 23.10. Berlin, Schokoladen
170 22.10. Würzburg, Cairo
169 03.10. Würzburg, Kult
168 21.06. Köln, Limes
167 20.06. Groningen, Vera
166 19.06. Siegen, VEB
165 18.06. Frankfurt, IVI
164 13.06. München, Kafe Kult
163 12.06. Trier, Ex-Haus
162 11.06. Landau, Fatal
161 10.06. Freiburg, KTS
160 09.05. Leipzig, Conne Island
159 31.01. Esslingen, Komma
158 24.01. Würzburg, Grundschule


157 16.11. Leipzig, Atari
156 15.11. Berlin, Schokoladen
155 14.11. Ribnitz-Damgarten, AJZ Kita
154 13.11. Jena, Cafe Wagner
153 09.11. Kassel, Das Haus
152 08.11. Neu-Tramm, Raum 2
151 07.11. Hamburg, Astra Stube
150 06.11. Mainz, Haus Mainusch
149 18.10. München, Glockenbachwerstatt
148 17.10. Töging, Silo
147 07.10. Würzburg, Cairo
146 04.07. Nürnberg, K4
145 17.05. Dresden, Chemiefabrik
144 19.04. Gießen, AK44
143 18.04. Trier, Gleis 19
142 17.04. Köln, Lamäng Kegelbahn
141 16.04. Amsterdam, Occii
140 15.04. Bielefeld, Chez Pedram et Henrike
139 14.04. Münster, Lappe
138 13.04. Hamburg, Rote Flora
137 12.04. Berlin, Lokal
136 11.04. Würzburg, Cairo


135 06.10. Bad Neustadt, Juz
134 05.10. Hof, Grüne Haidt
133 02.10. Schweinfurt, Brauhauskeller
132 16.09. München, Kafe Kult
131 25.08. Frankfurt, Exzess
130 11.08. Roßwein, Jugendhaus
129 10.08. Neu-Tramm, Raum 2
128 09.08. Hamburg, Rote Flora
127 07.08. Malmö, Cafe Revolt
126 06.08. Oslo, Spasibar
125 05.08. Kopenhagen, Lades
124 04.08. Kiel, Alte Meierei
123 03.08. Berlin, Subversiv
122 02.08. Leipzig, Gieszer 16
121 30.06. Passau, Zeughaus
120 29.06. Würzburg, Immerhin
119 19.05. Würzburg, Cairo
118 18.05. Dresden, AZ Conni
117 31.03. Karlsruhe, AKK
116 30.03. Freiburg, KTS
115 29.03. Dijon, Deep Inside
114 28.03. Metz, Le Tunnel
113 26.03. Paris, La Miroiterie
112 25.03. Strasbourg, Molodoi
111 24.03. Bad Oyenhausen, HDJ


110 20.12. Würzburg, akw
109 17.11. Würzburg, Kult
108 04.11. Arnsberg, Behind the Station
107 03.11. Frankfurt, Raumstation
106 01.11. München, Sunny Red
105 14.10. Karlsruhe, Rock'n'Roll Bar
104 13.10. Töging, Silo
103 12.08. Kassel, Das Haus
102 11.08. Leipzig, Lichtwirtschaft
101 10.08. Dresden, Chemiefabrik
100 09.08. Berlin, Subversiv
099 08.08. Hamburg, Rote Flora
098 06.08. Kiel, Alte Meierei
097 05.08. Bremen, Grünenstraße 18
096 03.08. Leeds, Fenton
095 02.08. London, Grosvenor
094 01.08. Oostende, Ohk
093 31.07. Essen, Chrio Happydorp
092 30.07. Münster, Baracke
091 29.07. Trier, Ex-Haus
090 17.06. Gießen, AK44
089 16.06. Saarlouis, Juz
088 10.06. Freiburg, KE-Proberaum
087 09.06. Würzburg, Theater Ensemble
086 26.05. Esslingen, Komma
085 21.04. Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof
084 18.04. München, Kafe Kult
083 16.04. Nürnberg, K4
082 15.04. Stuttgart, Romeos Kiste
081 14.04. Utrecht, ACU
080 04.03. Weikersheim, Club W71
079 03.02. München, Sunny Red
078 28.01. Steinfeld, Dorfgemeinschaftshaus
077 06.01. Frankfurt, Exzess

076 28.12. Halberstadt, Zora
075 27.12. Hamburg, Rote Flora
074 26.12. Berlin, NBI
073 25.12. Mittelsinn, Halle am Bahnhof
072 23.12. Volkach, Backstage
071 02.12. Würzburg, B-Hof
070 20.10. Nürnberg, K4
069 10.09. Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof
068 09.09. Gera, AZ
067 08.09. Prag, 007 Club
066 07.09. Pardubice, Ponorka
065 06.09. München, Kafe Kult
064 05.09. Winterthur, GG31
063 04.09. Mannheim, Juz
062 03.09. Karlsruhe, Ex-Steffi
061 02.09. Augsburg, Provino
060 28.08. Würzburg, DB-Raum
059 26.08. Staffelstein, Zebra
058 16.07. Freiburg, KTS
057 25.06. Esslingen, Komma
056 15.05. Fulda, Panama
055 14.05. Würzburg, B-Hof
054 13.05. München, Glockenbachwerkstatt
053 23.04. Bad Königshofen, Keller
052 02.04. Würzburg, Immerhin
051 01.04. Alzenau, Teestube
050 11.02. Gießen, AK44
049 31.01. Würzburg, Cairo
048 06.01. Magdeburg, HOT Alte Bude
047 05.01. Halberstadt, Zora
046 04.01. Berlin, Octopussy
045 03.01. Görlitz, Haus und Hof
044 02.01. Dresden, AZ Conni


043 31.12. Neuhof
042 30.12. Saarlouis, Juz
041 29.12. Frankfurt, Dreikönigskeller
040 28.12. Schweinfurt, Jugendhaus
039 26.12. Halle, Reilstraße 78
038 27.11. Nürnberg, K4
037 27.11. Bad Neustadt, Juze
036 01.10. Aschaffenburg, Jukuz
035 24.04. Aschaffenburg, Juz


034 27.12. Halle, Reilstraße 78
033 28.11. Nürnberg, K4
032 08.11. Lohr, Juze
031 09.08. München, Kafe Kult
030 29.07. Würzburg, Frauenland
029 26.07. Esslingen, Komma
028 25.07. Sendelbach, Sportheim
027 19.06. Würzburg, Immerhin
026 08.06. Erkner, Jugendclub
025 07.06. Belzig, Pogo
024 30.05. Warmisried, Wittstock-Festival
023 23.05. Lohr, Juze
022 17.05. Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof
021 03.04. Nürnberg, K4
020 31.01. Würzburg, Immerhin


019 27.12. Bad Neustadt, Juze
018 20.12. Lohr, Foolhouse
017 22.11. Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof
016 15.11. Erlenbach, Festhalle
015 25.10. Würzburg, Cairo
014 23.08. Hof, Festivalgelände
013 16.08. Oberlauringen, Festgelände
012 09.08. Aschaffenburg, Kommz
011 28.06. Würzburg, B-Hof
010 22.06. Aschaffenburg, Jukuz
009 16.06. Nürnberg, K4
008 07.06. Würzburg, Unigelände Hubland
007 25.05. Aschaffenburg, Jukuz
006 04.05. Frammersbach, Café Kirsch
005 20.04. Lohr, Juze
004 23.03. Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof
003 22.03. Bad Neustadt, Juze
002 01.03. Würzburg, Immerhin
001 16.02. Lohr, Foolhouse


Farewell 7" Sexual Healing b/w Shamans of Shame

Sexual Healing
What's this nosiness all about? Do you like what you see? Oh no, you'd never admit it, bursting with curiosity. It is about time to take it one step beyond the current state, to understand that all this is so much more than just laughing stock. It is about time to see that anything, yes anything, is fine and okay as long as it is safe, sane and consensual. So does it offend you? You can always look away. Does it leave a bad taste? Well, no one pays you to stay. So if you brag to your asshole friends what sick shit you've seen and how you detest these perverts - against nature's order and stuff - , I guess you dream beating them up with your dead nazi grandpa. All of our kisses, our hits and misses, are none of your business. And even all of our bruises, none of your business.

Shamans of Shame
When does all this talking down get boring and tiresome? Hours spent just pointing out what is wrong and what is right. This is wrong. It's not. Yes, it is right. This is right. It is. No, it is wrong. We're not in this all alone, though I sometimes wish I were. You got it figured out, got it jotted down, just got to know it all and judge it all. Listen up, I've had it with all these rules. Wagging fingers all along, won't it ever stop? So, listen up guys, this is not some kind of all-encompassing moral code of conduct. We're not in the army or in church for that matter. Speaking of matter, grey matter in this case: Make up your own mind, don't try to make up mine. We might share our thoughts, we might agree or disagree. We might still be friends - or maybe not. What is mine might not be yours, what is yours might not be mine.

Split 7" with The Falcon Five

Reclining Seats, Receding Hairlines
Light. There are some towers blinking. The smell of fresh cut grass. It all so nice and soothing - and so dead. I've been willing to put up with this for far too long. Can't take it anymore. Between reclining seats and receding hairlines, I'm gaining weight and losing ground. And now I'd rather lose my very footing, and now I'd rather stumble and fall down than lose myself again. This is my last goodbye. This is my last farewell, I hope.

Split 12" with The Falcon Five, Kids Explode and Petethepiratesquid

Kill the Lightning
Bumper stickers on your car about matters you’re keen on. Small crowns in blue black ink etched across your back. We were into something good. I could hear you breathe and your fridge hum but not the end creeping near. Like struck by lightning. Your cat was coy but when our paws touched it was magic. I can’t see a reason. We never talked. We just hugged.

Ride 'em all

12" EP Painkiller

Art School Dodger
So sip your tall flat white and keep talking. We got some streetcars derailed while you just wait.

Shy People
Pack away the flutes, can't hear them anymore. Springtime. Exit. Just ricochets. You didn't say hi last week. I didn't say hi last week. Ed thought we were too shy, just geeks. He worked with Kinski, did stuff for Schimanski. We were just stoked. Minus the man, minus the man. Turn of the tides. We were just stoked. Would you please sign my shirt?

White Eagle
Why won’t they ever say which animal it was? I wonder why won’t they just ever say which animal it was? Mufflers and tires – they tell us everything about them. About animals they won’t let you know a thing. It could’ve been a cat, a cow or a dog. It could’ve been a whale. Doesn’t it make a huge difference? Cat or cow, maybe dog or whale or some white eagle – doesn’t it make a huge difference? Crying on the shoulder of the road.

Night Swim
Crammed in a photo booth. Flash shone so bright. Tear the strip apart. Keepsake inches. On the street. Moon in the sky, pale and gray. Much more radiant, faces and smiles. Just climb that fence. Never seen barbed wire. Never got hurt. The water’s even warm. No one around. These Friday nights. Seen them on the screen. And it never rained. No, it never rained. Let’s feel something new, let’s feel something real. Just not so picture perfect. Let’s get hurt. Let’s get wet. These Friday nights. Seen them one the screen. But they never existed. No, they never existed.

Glory Days
Waiting for gratification, all you get is new frustration you did not know before you grew old. Longing for some inspiration, where is all that satisfaction someone told you you are bound to find? Laugh and talk about things gone by. About a time you call the glory days. You’re pathetic, just like Mellencamp. All abating, all smiles. Your life’s now, not in the 90’s. Hooked up to an assembly line nine to five. And five to nine is all that’s still left from you. Stop holding on, start moving on. Remember this route we talked about? I know, it got you right off of it. But what? And why? You can’t just keep keeping on.

Split 12" with Kids Explode

Heels and Cleats
Just some days ago I was wondering how you could build this fence in your relationsship. It seemed like a conveyor belt with packages in blue and pink. Like everyone knows what to do and everyone also knows what to say. Knew the parts, at least I guessed. Who wrote script, who sealed this deal? She’s got her heels, he’s got his cleats. Different from what you two have been before, so different and I ask myself what for.

Tucker and Brownstein, still MacFarlane, back then, what they said. Back in ninety-six, got it jotted down. Simple, neat and clean, but it’s still the same. Good things won’t stay, bad things won’t change. So what you said last week on the way back home seemed like some old tape from a long time ago. It won’t be allright, what you said. It won’t be okay, what you said.

Pony Express
I sometimes wish we were more than one trick ponys to each other. There should be more for us to say.

Don’t want this looks on my legs just because of the tights I cram them in. Yes, it’s a dress and I think it fits me fine. Vanilla fishtank. Just judging from your mien, the water is quite cold. Not much space to swim about. I’d rather be in fishnets than in this fishtank.

Gauze Bandages
Eight days in the hospital seemed like an eternity. And now I wish they had been, since all is said and done. Dreaming of a perfect life like in some cigarette ads, we can’t even remember those days together now. I’m all sweat, just every pore. Glad you’re not the first notch.

Scenic Route
All my friends are going bald, plans and back-ups, nice and clean. All my friends are getting old, settling down, some giving in. From disco to contemplation, headed for the oh-so-famous crash. I know we can’t pull the final stunt, but why not take a scenic route to the landing site where we’ll crash down?

Split 5" with Petethepiratesquid

Hot Topic
Hot topic on glossy paper. Hot topic on a flip chart in a flashy building with a parking guard. And everyone tells you that you are an idiot. So freeze and give in to gaudiness. Hands up. Thumbs up. Give up. Give in. Give up on your hopes, just enjoy.

Where fear and waffles meet
IHOP, pancakes, hash browns and fries. Go back to the place where fear and waffles meet. I wish I could, but now there is more than your knapsack between us. Things unsaid forever. Geniality turned to hostility. From then on, there were closed doors on our hallway. That was a close call. Now this is distance more than miles can measure. I wish I could have stayed, but I was anxious. And so were you.

7" Single '02 Jailbreak

Don't ask me things like that, what I am. Some call it was of life, what I say. What is your identity, what you are. Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, what I do. I won't just waste my time - yes, you will. I don't know, is this my life? Yes, it is.

Just Jonas, Peter Shaw, Bob Andrews. Dignity, Quality, Pay TV, two-one-three, Poverty.

Duck down and cover, this cock ain't your friend. Duck, cover. Cock, friend. Words are free.

Jailbreak, Jailbreak, Jailbreak, Jailbreak. All in the name of liberty.

What is this wonderful substance called royal jelly? Royal jelly is a glandular secretion produced by the nurse bees to feed the larvae. Pharyngeal glands of bees produce this substance in the same way the mammary glands produce milk. The fact is of great biological interest. No other insects in the world are known to have evolved such a process. Royal jelly is fed to all bee larvae for the first three days after hatching from the egg. Beyond that point for all those destined to become drones this food is diluded with honey and pollen. The larvae which are destined to become queens are fed throughout the whole of the larval period on pure royal jelly. Royal jelly must be a substance of tremendous nourishing power. On this diet alone, the honey bee larva increases in weight 1500 times in five days. This is as if a seven and a half pound baby should increase in that time to five tons.


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